Natalio Cardoso

Natalio Cardoso (1972) is of Argentinian origin, but he moved to León (Spain) with his family at an early age. He started studies in Fine Arts, which he abandoned when he moved to Oxford to take Oriental Studies.

His relentless nature has taken him in pursuit of an eclectic and informal training. He speaks English, French and Japanese, and has visited China on several occasions, so he has also acquired the fundamentals of Mandarin.

He is an enthusiast of Japanese culture, and his next project is to go to the United States to receive lessons on the tea ceremony from one of the most respected Japanese masters of the urasenke school.

Besides some brief opuscules, written in his youth, Natalio’s published work includes:

  • “The Book of Tea” (1906), Okakura Kakuzō, annotated Spanish edition by Natalio Cardoso (Runa Press, 2016)
  • “El libro del té” (1906), Okakura Kakuzō, translated and annotated Spanish edition by Natalio Cardoso (Runa Press, 2015)
  • Permanent collaboration, as author and consultant, with the Spanish website in compiling information about tea and tea culture

Books by this author

The Book of Tea

Okakura Kakuzō (Annotated by Natalio Cardoso)

"The Book of Tea" (1906), by Okakura Kakuzō, is the best written account about the Japanese spirit, the importance of its aesthetic perception and its relation with Taoism. Now it has been annotated by the expert in Japanese culture Natalio Cardoso.

#east #japan #china #philosophy #aesthetics

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