Why do we not use DRM (Digital Rights Management)

DRM (Digital Rights Management) refers to a set of access control technologies used by some publishing houses and other digital content providers to limit the access to said contents.

Our books are DRM free. Runa Press is against its use because we think that they limit the consumer right to use the contents for which they have paid. We want our books to be used in the reader's device of choice, with no other restriction than the format of the file they have been distributed in (which we will increase in the future).

As other organizations that defend consumers' (or readers') freedom, we think that DRM limits a set of rights, such as free access to culture, privacy rights, the right to make personal copies, public domain when the time comes and presumption of innocence, among others.

We oppose to DRM for the following reasons:

Thank you for buying DRM-free books.

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